Free Chat for Everyone is a free online chat room for teens and adults in Australia and around the world. Our free online chat rooms are friendly towards men and women, straight or gay, and from beyond the borders of Australia. In our chat you're able to continue with a traditional text chat or you can explore our audio chat and video chat capabilities. All the chat rooms are free, and while you CAN register, it's totally optional.

Teens and Adults from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania are online now.

All of our chat rooms are separated by popularity and trends. You can chat in any one of the chat rooms by simply clicking on the chat room of your choice, selecting a username, entering your age (pre-caution), and selecting your gender. You'll instantly be connected to the official free chat room. Remember you must be at least 13 years or older to sign up, chat as a guest, or register on our forums. You can read our Terms of Use by clicking here. We are a general chat room. We do not allow explicit content.

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OnlineAdultsChat (OAC) brings your favorite chat rooms directly to your smartphone. Our mobile chat platform is designed to keep you connected with our community, whether you're at home or on the go. With a focus on ease of use, security, and rich features, chatting on your phone has never been more enjoyable.

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Featured Blog Posts

A mini guide for breaking the ice in a gay chat room
Jan 1, 2024

Chatting with gay UK men online

The concept of safety is multifaceted for gay men seeking connection online. It's not merely about physical safety, but also the emotional and psychological sanctuary these spaces provide. In chat rooms, anonymity offers the freedom to express one's true self without the fear of judgment or repercussion that might exist in physical environments. This anonymity can be particularly liberating for those still grappling with their identity or those living in less accepting communities or family situations. That's why OnlineAdultsChat does not require anyone to register their nickname. We actually encourage you not to use any easy to identify nicknames, or post any addresses or social media.

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Online safety is an essential when you're exploring new chat rooms
Feb 5, 2024

Staying safe in online chat rooms

Staying safe online is one of the most important things you need to make sure you accomplish if you're going to be doing anything. Chatting, gaming, forums, whatever it is that you're into you need to make sure that you stay safe. If you're proactive about your online safety, you'll be able to ensure that your personal information never gets compromised. Staying safe online is simple if you take a few steps.

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Spotting fakers
Feb 24, 2024

Why singles choose our Singles Chat

Online chat rooms offer a dynamic and engaging way for singles to meet new people. Unlike traditional dating apps that rely heavily on swipes and profile pictures, chat rooms provide a space for real-time conversations, fostering connections that are built on mutual interests and genuine interactions. For singles, this means the opportunity to meet potential partners in a more natural and spontaneous setting, reminiscent of meeting someone new at a coffee shop or a party.

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